Manchester United’s pot don’t always let Jose Mourinho take responsibility for his players.

West German defender Jose Mourinho to maintain Jose Mourinho Manchester United’s record has been unable to satisfy the fans, so who is the pot to carry?

Former Chelsea player Steve Sidville says people should not blame Mourinho for all their responsibilities, and that Manchester United players should be held accountable for their poor record. West Germany and Jose Mourinho have worked together briefly at Chelsea, “there will be no complicated information on the pitch,” said Sidville, who set out his tactics and put his ideas on the tactical board, which they have been working on for the past week. But the players of the tactics, even if they disagree with the tactic, should do their best to do their best in the game.

” Who is the one who backs Manchester United’s bad-record pot?

Who is the one who backs Manchester United’s bad-record pot? “No matter what kind of game and style, the players should win the game for the fans,” he said. Fortunately, it is only the beginning of the season, the Premier League has only two rounds. It seems to me that the strength of Manchester City and Liverpool has magnified Manchester United’s own problems. Manchester United can’t stay behind, so the players have to take responsibility and the manager picks the best squad.

” After two rounds of the premiership, Manchester United won a flat, and currently has a 9th place in the standings.

Zambia football captain pays tribute to the African Cup qualifiers


Xinhua News Agency, Lusaka, June 11 (Reporter Wang Wei) The head of Zambia’s football management organization congratulated the women’s national team on Monday for the qualification of the 2018 African Cup.

Andrew Kamanga, chairman of the Zambian Football Association (FAZ), said that the football administration will provide necessary support to the team before the finals in November this year.

He further stated in a statement that the qualifications proved to be a sign of progress in the country’s local football league.

After defeating Zimbabwe’s 2-1, the women’s team qualified for Ghana’s 2018 African Cup and cancelled the 1-0 away away rules.

The football director also congratulated the women’s national team for winning a runner-up in a regional football team in South Africa.

On Saturday, in the final of the Council of South African Football Association (COSAFA), the team lost to Zimbabwe 4-2.

These Sao Paulo players are making women’s football more diversified

Question Laura Yuen Sao Paulo June 6, 2018
18-year-old football player Oo Meh practiced futsal with other teammates.
On May 7, 2018, women’s soccer player Oo Meh and other teammates played futsal at the Rice Street Recreation Center in Sao Paulo. Caroline Yang for MPR News
Listening to the goal of celebrating the ‘invisible’ organization is to provide a platform for girls’ football stadiums
4 minutes 31 seconds
They gather in difficult-to-separate parks, organize their own football games, and trade five points after scoring each ball.

But as daughters of immigrants and refugees, they play in the fields that college scouts and mainstream football can barely see.

Women’s football – in Minnesota and across the country – is widely seen as a white suburban sport. The most elite private club can charge families thousands of dollars a year for their daughters to participate in first-rate projects. However, a new two-city non-profit organization is trying to open the door for more ethnic female athletes who have already accepted the sport.

Like A Girl Jennifer Larrick’s co-founder spoke with Mariatu Kanu.
The coach and the co-founder of Like A Girl, Jen Larrick, left and negotiated with Mariatu Kanu on the bench during the practice. Caroline Yang for MPR News
Like a girl, she was founded by Kel Johnson, head coach of the high school girls at the Como Park in Sao Paulo. As a soccer dad and his son went to a high school competition banquet, he assessed the top teams in Minnesota and couldn’t help but notice a huge gap.

• In Rochester: The hooded Olympics inspired the fence of high school girls
• St. Cloud: Swimming athletes break the obstacles of Muslim girls in sports
“In terms of boys, it began to become more diverse,” Johnson said. “But in terms of girls, there is no diversity at all.”

He was paired with the former university player of the University of Minnesota, Jenner Ralph, who grew up in the elite youth football world in the suburbs of Boston. Before she appeared at St Paul’s High School to help Johnson coach the girl, she knew that they did not play football for the whole year, so she expected a lower skill in the game. She was shocked by what she saw.

Coach Kyle Johnson photographed Hser Ku Wah in a 15-man futsal match.
Coach Kyle Johnson photographed Hser Ku Wah in a 15-man futsal match. Caroline Yang for MPR News
“They are just incredible,” recalls Larick. “They can do everything I ask them to do. I’m blown away. I’m trying to tease my brain. How did they become so good? How are they so skilled in football?”

Laric learned that these girls have been playing in their own cultural alliances with Latino and Karen communities – an area that is generally ignored by the football community.

She said: “This beautiful, vibrant urban eco-girl football ecosystem consists of communities, cultural teams and alliances, made up of girls.” “They guide their teams and they participate in their own competitions. My previous experience It did not remind me of this reality.”

She not only saw the diversity of players, but also saw the diversity of players. Faced with limited floor space, these girls particularly like short-time passes and quick footwork, rather than the more structured styles commonly found in club football.

Coach Kyle Johnson made several stops to accept Like A Girl.
After multiple selections, like “Girl” player, coach Kyle Johnson left and the players arrived at the Rice Street Entertainment Center to participate in the weekly five-a-side practice game in Sao Paulo on May 7, 2018. Caroline Yang for MPR News
Larrick met an athlete, such as 16-year-old Diana Rodriguez, who was born in Mexico and grew up in the United States. Rodriguez and her brothers and cousins ​​learned to play football on the street.

“I learned how to innovate on the ball – how to try something,” Rodriguez said, and he found it more rigid in the club football game. “Playing street football, you can do whatever you like.”

Oo Meh, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, began to play in the middle school. As a Kruni family born in a refugee camp in Thailand, she said she was one of the first girls in her community to participate in the Karen Football Championship dominated by men. Mei finally established a full-female team.

Meh said that other Kroner girls may try new sports at school, especially if they do not speak English, they may be intimidated. She said cultural traditions do not encourage girls like her to become rough and outdoors. But she wants to be an example to other young women.

May Htoo Kyaw, about 14 years old, accepted a handshake.
May Htoo Kyaw, 14 years old, accepted his teammate Mariatu Kanu’s congratulations and his right hand was 14 years old. Caroline Yang for MPR News
“I like sports because I like physical fitness and it also helps my health,” she said, adding that the exercise helps relieve stress. “I hope that other girls will do the same. If they try,

Diversified mission
The non-profit organization Like a Girl aims to support low-income, urban girls, whether they need to stay in the game – whether it is transport, plywood or dedicated venue space. Behind his old Toyota Sequoia wheels, Johnson selects many of them from the residential and apartment buildings on the east and north side of Sao Paulo every week and takes them to Rice Street Entertainment Center. Draw: An indoor football style called futsal.

Coaches Kyle Johnson and Jennifer Larick responded to Valentina Milio’s goal.
Coach Kyle Johnson, right, Jennifer Laric, center, Valentina Milio, 16, scored during the practice. Caroline Yang for MPR News
Another goal of non-profit organizations is to recognize and celebrate leisure football that has thrived in different communities.

“There is a narrative in this country, everything is over-trained and over-structured, and there are no more pickups,” said Johnson, a 43-year-old, Vietnamese-born adopter who played clubs in Sao Paulo decades ago and High school football. “Oh, this is not the case. We just did not look for the right space.”

The purpose of preferring girls is not to get players into a highly competitive club. Larrick said: “The idea that we have to remove the best players and put them into the club space essentially means that the club is better.” “We want to say, ‘No, these spaces are both effective and real, they are just different Only.'”

But just like a girl wants to shine for athletes, she hopes to provide new opportunities for college students and more distant players.

It’s like a girl player squeezed into a portrait during practice.
It’s like a girl player squeezed into a portrait during practice. Caroline Yang for MPR News
On July 21st and 22nd, the organization will hold a university show competition. About 20 colleges and universities will attend the college.

Cam Stoltz, a coalition commissioner of the Minnesota Youth Soccer League, has never heard of “like a girl,” but he called the concept “very good.” High school-level top players usually start playing younger through pay-as-you-go clubs. Stoltz said that club registration and travel expenses can not only be a burden for parents, but also time commitments.

“Mom and dad get off work and drive a game of an hour through Twin Cities – it’s a tax for the entire family,” Stoltz said, and his organization recently started an outreach project aimed at involving underrepresented communities. .

University coaches often recruit high school teams and Olympic development programs that bring together the best players in the state. Stoltz said that currently, unless someone helps to bridge the gap, the star of Sauron Karen will not be noticed by college scouts.

Diana Rodriguez raced against Pa Sad Sad while practicing.
16-year-old Diana Rodriguez marched with the 17-year-old Passat Tit while practicing at the Meath Street Entertainment Center. Caroline Yang for MPR News
“They may have passions. They may have ability, but are they exposed?” he said. “How do we expose them to a higher level so that if they are competent, capable and passionate, will they continue to move forward?”

Last summer, eight girls received scholarships after the first university showcase event, “Like a Girl.” Three of them accepted and went to a community college in Iowa.

Just a few weeks after the game, coach Kyle Johnson once again found himself playing the role of the team’s driver – this time, he dragged the player into college.

Correction (June 6, 2018): Oo Meh’s name was misspelled in the previous photo title, and her race was incorrectly reported in previous versions of this story. The story has been updated with the correct information.

Amazing sum of Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to stay in Real Madrid every year

Portuguese star wants his current salary to increase significantly – and there will be a contract

But now Kadanakop’s national export company has revealed what he said is the trembling quantity it is looking for.

They reported that the Portuguese superstar hopes to receive an incredible £88 million a year – this is an increase of £26 million in his current transaction.

Cristiano Ronaldo excels in training (Photo: AFP)

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal during training course (Photo: Reuters)
And he clearly hopes to reach a six-year deal by 2024 – a contract that will allow him to stay in Madrid at the age of 39.

However, Real Madrid is prepared to risk Ronaldo’s anger. After winning the Champions League, he placed his future in doubt and firmly supported his salary requirements.

The Portuguese have been the protagonist of Los Blancos’s four European Cup titles in five seasons, although he was dissatisfied with the sharp decline in the salary of Lionel Messi and Neymar.

Football: Brazilian fans return before returning to the World Cup in Nemar


On June 3, 2018, Neymar of Brazil played in Sime Vrsaljko in Croatia and Mateo Kovacic in Croatia played in a friendly football match between Brazil and Croatia and played a friendly match at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England. (AP Photo / Dave Thompson)
Liverpool, England (AP) – Neymar only needs 23 minutes to reassure Brazilians that his recovery is embarking on the World Cup.

After three months of surgery on the right foot, Neymar returned to Brazil and inspired an international friendly match. He defeated Croatia 2-0 and showed his fans, teammates and coach Tate that he is in good shape to Russia.

“After winning at Anfield on Sunday, defender Tiago Silva said:” Any team can rest assured that such players return. “”We are a great team, but Ney has such a bright spot. When the game becomes difficult, he will strengthen the challenge. ”

The first half is mainly big marks. But after Neymar replaced Fernandinho, the five-time World Cup champion was more fluid and efficient in the formation – Neymar was the first to join Willion and Gabriel Jesus – this is likely to start from the World Cup.

Brazilian fans appear to be in the majority of Anton’s 35,000 fans and have been quiet in the first half, but in the second half Neymar’s playing time is even more noisy.

The musician Daniel Adriano is a member of the Brazilian who was more happy when they left Anfield than when they arrived.

“We can’t win it without Neymar,” Adriano said. “After watching his score, I’m sure again that Brazil can win the game in Russia. I didn’t come here and expect him to do well and tell the truth.”

With the improvement of teamwork in Brazil, Neymar’s personal skills have also improved. After receiving the ball on the left edge of the penalty zone, he opened the scoring ball in 68 minutes and passed Croatia defenders Sime Vrsaljko and Duje Caleta-Car, and drew the ball into the net with his right foot.

Then he ran outside and held the Brazilian Football Federation doctor Rodrigo Lasmar, his surgeon.

“I am very happy to play football again. I have waited and made a lot of effort for it,” Neymar said. “I was injured and it was very difficult for three months. When I saw the ball hit the net, I only thought of those who helped me, Dr. Lasma, my family and friends.”

Liverpool forward Roberto Fermino scored the second goal of Brazil to win.

Brazilian team coach Titter agreed that Neymar’s return is more than expected, but he hopes to be cautious about the recovery to ensure that his star player is at the peak of the World Cup.

“In the first half we were really under pressure from Croatia. His appearance made us better,” Tate said at a press conference. “But we plan how Neymar will use it. He is different.”

He said that Neymar should not be obligated to play in every game. “Otherwise it will become inhumane. He is a member of a strong team.”

Titt did not disclose whether he planned Neymar to host the entire match against Austria in Vienna next Sunday. This will be Brazil’s final warm-up match for the World Cup.

Murphy’s law was mixed with the Motague New Orleans attack and played a crucial role in the 4-1 home loss at the Sheldon Stadium on Saturday at the Central Texas Loebs (CTL) football team.

Murphy’s law was mixed with the Motague New Orleans attack and played a crucial role in the 4-1 home loss at the Sheldon Stadium on Saturday at the Central Texas Loebs (CTL) football team.  Sunderland Birmingham City

But after a problem with his team’s club, head coach and owner David Walding praised the club’s tenacity as they performed a strong team project for the Gulf Coast Premiere League (GCPL). Down-to-earth training.

“Motagua is one of the best teams in the country. But this is a day when many things go wrong,” Walding said. “We did a good job of overcoming.”

“For us, this is great. But they showed a lot of heart and a lot of struggle. They did not give up or flip. We did our best in today’s situation.”

David Vordin, owner of Central Texas Lobos

Motagua (3-0) used the early defensive steals of CTL to jump out of the lead. Patrick Lynch’s shot hit a CTL defender’s leg and past starting goalkeeper Blacklander, who gave Motagua a 1-0 lead in the 28th minute.

Walding said that Robles began to help defend the defender by giving up two midfielders.

Although this move gave too much possession to the Motagua players, Walding said it was enough to stop them from attacking.

A few minutes later the CTL’s mentality shifted, and when the team captain and leader Lander collided with the Motagua team while trying to stop the separation. The resulting impact was left to Rand, according to reports of broken legs, and Waldin said he would end his season.

In a match with the Motagua New Orleans on Saturday, it was reported that after the injured leg was broken, the central Roberts goalkeeper Blake Landon (center) in Central Texas was comforted by his teammates and was injured on a stretcher.

CTL turned to 19-year-old substitute goalkeeper Jonathan Gonzalez, who is participating in his first GCPL game. Gonzalez said that Rand’s injury was a “game changer” to us.

Despite the loss of Rand, the CTL kept Motagua’s scoreboard and faced a 1-0 deficit at halftime. Vardin said that Gonzalez showed some nerves early on, but he did well in the game.

“This is confusing with us,” Gonzalez said. “But we wholeheartedly. They are a good team. We are a good team. This is a great game.”

But Motagua’s consistent and powerful attack knocked down Robers’ back line. When Caoko Cruz scored a 2-0 advantage 18 yards in the 60th minute, Motagua joined the lead.

About six minutes later, Brandon Shagnar scored a goal in front of the net and led Motagua to a 3-0 lead.

Walding said that he tried to change the formation and only played four goals in the backcourt, giving Loeb offensive momentum.

However, after the defender Bryan Gonzalez released the red card, Robles had to make a change. In most of the second half, CTL put the player down.

“It’s very hard for us to overcome this,” Walding said. “But they showed a lot of heart and a lot of struggle. They did not give up or flip. We did our best in today’s situation.”

Motobua scored a 4-0 lead through Gino Ray before Robles counterattacked. CTL’s Drew Canales scored the only goal score for Robles that night.

Despite the failure, Jonathan Gonzalez said that in the face of Motagua can help Lobos improve because they are on the 3rd of June.

“We need this kind of competition,” Jonathan Gonzalez said. “It makes everyone better. It helps a lot.”

The French media giant Vivendi’s share price dropped sharply after Vivendi’s Canal Plus TV set went down in one of France’s major football rights auctions.

The French media giant Vivendi’s share price dropped sharply after Vivendi’s Canal Plus TV set went down in one of France’s major football rights auctions.
Image of the document: On April 8, 2015, a sign appeared at the main entrance of the entertainment and telecommunications group Vivendi headquarters. Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes / File Photo

Vivendi shares fell about 4% at 0905 GMT, which is the worst performer in the French benchmark CAC-40 index.  Leganes Levante Real Sociedad

As Spanish company Mediapro, the Chinese company, is the most subject to the rights of co rights, Canal Plus was beaten by the price increase of nearly 60% to more than 1.15 billion euros (1.33 billion US dollars).

The French championship in French football matches has suffered a setback, highlighting the difficulty of Canal Plus’s current development in France. This has historically established a reputation for broadcasting large football matches.

Billionaire businessman Vincent Bollore recently increased his Vivendi stake to more than 24%, and his holding company Groupe Bollore’s share price also fell about 2% on Wednesday.

In addition, the French telecommunications operator Iliad provided detailed information on one of the seven auction items offered by the French professional football agency on Tuesday’s auction.

Iliad said that from the 2020/2021 to the 2023/2024 season, 50 million euros will be paid each year to support the quasi-fixed target, the best savings on fixed and mobile platforms, and other highlights.

At the end of each match day of the season, the Iliad – a majority stake owned by billionaire Xavier Neil – will also publish a magazine that will include contest summary, goals, development overview and highlights.

Just because you did not participate in the World Cup this summer does not mean that you can not spend a good time with your friends and represent your football team this summer! The High National Football Team Alliance, which partners with the Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB), is proud to announce that it will add more than 30 divisions for the AMB Summer League.

Just because you did not participate in the World Cup this summer does not mean that you can not spend a good time with your friends and represent your football team this summer! The High National Football Team Alliance, which partners with the Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB), is proud to announce that it will add more than 30 divisions for the AMB Summer League.

With the growing adult league in summer, the Senior National Football Association is pleased to be able to provide new departments for the existing gold and silver sector. In the AMB Summer League, the player’s skill level ranges from recreational players (more than 30 divisions/silver division) to highly competitive former college players (gold sector). HCSA currently serves more than 300 adult soccer players (except youth training) in the Highlands of North Carolina. The Boone Football Club has been looking for new ways to continue building the local football community to include all players and skill levels.  Juventus AS Roma Lazio

“We are very pleased to be able to launch more than 30 departments this summer,” said Will Voss, HCSA’s Technical Director and Director of the Adult Alliance. This is a growing interest in the local football community. I think it will be HCSA and the community continue to grow together. Excellent opportunity, ”

The AMB Summer Adult League is an interesting way to stay active and eliminate a bit of rust before the AMB Fall Adult Super League. The Summer Adult League is a 5v5 league (four players and one goalkeeper). Playing on a smaller venue allows players to participate more in the game. Each team consists of 5-10 players. If you do not have a team, please visit the HCSA website at and register as a free agent at the level of your desired game and place it on the existing team.

The deadline for the registration of the AMB Summer Adult League is June 15 and the season is from June 18 to mid-August. Throughout the summer, each team will play at least eight games, a maximum of two games per week, each team costs 400 US dollars. The captain is responsible for registering his/her team at and pays the registration fee and team roster at AMB League Social before the start of the season. The AMB Adult League Social’s date will soon be posted on the HCSA website and Facebook page.

England fans may be expected to increase their flight mileage in the World Cup, and hit their bank balances to follow their lineup, but please note that Uruguayan supporters are most enthusiastic about the idea that they must make the longest trip for their first fight.

England fans may be expected to increase their flight mileage in the World Cup, and hit their bank balances to follow their lineup, but please note that Uruguayan supporters are most enthusiastic about the idea that they must make the longest trip for their first fight.  SC Freiburg VfL Wolfsburg
Soccer Football – World Cup Football – Training in England – St. George’s Park, Burton upon Trent, UK – May 28, 2018 England’s Danny Weilbeck and Deniros trained through Reuters/Karresin during training

The England team won the Russian championship in Group G on June 7 and will be in Volgograd (v Tunisia) on June 18, Nizhny Novgorod (v Panama) on June 24, June 28. In Kaliningrad (v. Belgium) even a round of 16 games may be considered in Moscow or Rostov.

According to a survey by Virgin Media and the Football Supporters Association (FSF), English fans may end up spending 5,000 pounds ($6,638.50) and watching over 3,400 miles (5,472 kilometers) of collective events in the air.

This will result in a total flight time of approximately 12 hours and 15 minutes, ranking 22nd out of 32 teams in Russia.

However, Uruguayan fans will spend 25 hours and 39 minutes on three different flights from Montevideo to Yekaterinburg to watch Luiz Suarez and his South American teammates play for Egypt on June 15.

It is hoped that the fans of the team in Saransk, Yekaterinburg and Sochi will spend about 36 hours in the group stage – this is the longest time to fly to Russia and watch the game.

Uruguayan and Peruvian fans spend five times more time in the entire game than the German World Championship team and they expect to spend about seven hours and five minutes.

“England fans are known for their outstanding performance in the tournament. Even among the vast distance between Russian cities, the hardcore fans behind the three Lions will be there.” FFS CEO Kevin Miles in a Said in the statement.

“Whether on the road, rail or air, thousands of people will support Gareth Southgate’s players this summer and hope to have a good run in the final in Moscow on July 15.”

However, most of the fans in Russia will try hard to ask the locals directions instead of trying to learn the language. Ninety-five percent of respondents stated that they only practiced a few words or did not practice at all.

The Iowa City High School Women’s Soccer team knows its performance in the opening game of the playoffs.

The Iowa City High School Women’s Soccer team knows its performance in the opening game of the playoffs.  Wanderers Aston Villa Burnley

Despite winning a game this season, rivals Iowa City West’s rivals raised the challenge of being familiar with the omnipotent mindset.

“We know they will be very strong,” Sydney DePrenger of the Sydney Senior Youth Team defeated the 15th Hawks 3-0 in the quarterfinals of the 3A level held at Iowa State Football University on Saturday. Iowa City West said after the team. “We just say ‘play our games’ and keep passing. If we continue to play games like games, then it’s okay. It’s just another game.”

DePrenger entered the West Troops in the eighth minute with her eighth highest goal of the season.

“I think it bounced off my head and their goalkeeper shook a little in the box,” DePrenger said. “This kind of thing dangling in the box. I just saw it. I just said ‘Bop!’ I just shot because I know the goalkeeper is on the ground. If you blow it off, it will go.”

DePrenger will play second-level football in Mankato, Minnesota in the fall. Her eight goals this season have defined her career as a freshman. Now she has grown into a leadership role and serves as the captain of the women’s football team and the women’s track team on behalf of the Kitty Hawks.

“She has the physical tools that are as fast as possible. We are fortunate, and I think this is the reason for separating her,” said Michael Prunty, an urban senior coach. “We have been continuing to study how to use these tools to her the most dangerous. … If we look at her senior from freshman to now, her tools are more consistent with her tools, she must be dangerous Now, we can make these moments more often than when they were young, they were hit or missed.

The lower grade students in the upper grades of both cities provided insurance coverage. Sophomore centered Emma Saider scored the third goal of the season in the 25th minute, and newcomer Liz Pitt joined her second goal with 10 minutes and 13 seconds left in the game.

“We are pleased that we scored at the right time in the early and early stages of the game so that we can rest on a warmer day,” Prune said. “We took care of what we need today, so we are very happy.”

City High (10-6) will play Cedar Rapids Washington (10-4) in Friday’s Game 5 in the semifinals of Kingston Stadium on Friday. Since losing to the city’s high 1-0 on April 17, the Warriors have won 10 of 11 games.

“After the game, I told them,” You guys will have a good season, “Prunty said. “Only from their performance, they continue to maintain a good season, which is why we have to play this game to play they. This will be difficult. They played well and they defended well, so we cut off our work for us.

The Western Conference season ended on January 16, which is the first year since 2007 and it will not enter the women’s football tournament.